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wordpress_welcomeI want to say “ধন্যবাদ” or “Thank You” for joining me in my blog. I am an OB/GYN practicing in Bangladesh. My interest and experience are in the field of Infertility & Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) including Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and investigating low cost In VItro Fertilization (IVF) protocols for developing countries.

This is a glimpse into my life and my journey as I apply my knowledge and learn as a person and a physician. I look forward to getting to laugh and learn together as I share my experiences, lessons and inspirations with you. I hope you enjoy it and I hope I get to hear from you as well…you inspire me to keep doing what I do!

If you have any questions regarding In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment options in Bangladesh, or if you want a second opinion please post a comment on this page or email me at DrMarufIvf@gmail.com

Dr. Maruf Siddiqui

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10 Responses to Welcome To My Blog

  1. esrat says:

    pls doctor help the pepoul who need child very much….pls pls pls

  2. dr.mrinal says:

    Sir,take my salam.I want to meet with you.

  3. subrina says:

    Sir, my period is almost regular but sometimes it missed. Doctor said i have Pcos symptoms. But the main problem is that my husband has oligospermia. Doctor said the sparm quality is even poor for IUI. The normal motile sperms recovered 3.85. Concentration is 12 ml. I did all necessary test that is required for this treatment. Is it possible for me to concive naturally or i have to go through IUI? how much the total cost of IUI? Day by day i am becoming frustrated. Pls help me.

  4. ferdausi says:

    I am a patient of infertility.After 7 yrs I got a child.I have multi polistic overy.At that time my sugar level was in margine.I was advised to take diabetic diet.I am trying for the second but no result.But now my sugar level is ok.I child is 3.5yrs.please give me a suggestion .I am 37

    • drmarufivf says:

      Dear Ferdousi
      Consult an Infertility Specialist and hurry up cause you are already 37…if you wish to consult me,call 01794-631222 for a serial

  5. aisha Islam says:

    Sir apne kothay boshen. ?? Location ta bolle vlo hoy

    • drmarufivf says:

      ইনফার্টিলিটি সেন্টার, ব্লক A ,রুম ৩১৪
      আনোয়ার খান মডার্ন মেডিকেল কলেজ হাসপাতাল
      রোড ৮, ধানমন্ডি।
      সিরিয়াল: ০১৭৯৪-৬৩১২২২
      রোগী দেখার সময়:
      বিকেল ৫টা হতে রাত ৯টা (শনি, রবি, মঙ্গল ও বৃহস্পতিবার )

  6. rowshan says:

    Dear sir, I’m 35. I married for 10 years.But still no baby.Doctor said there are no problem.But I don’t know what happened with me.I’m so helpless.Please help me sir.May Allah help you.

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