1391696_10202417475303137_2120126254_nDr. Maruf Siddiqui is an OB/GYN and one of the leading infertility specialists in Bangladesh. He is highly regarded in Bangladesh due to his academic achievements and practical patient focused approach. His attention to detail is second to none, and he often receives referrals for complex cases as he can apply his specialist expertise to develop the best approach to treatment. If you prefer to be told things as they are, you’ll also appreciate Dr. Siddiqui’s pragmatic and thorough approach.
Dr. Siddiqui’s fields of research include Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and development of a low cost In VItro Fertilization (IVF) protocol for developing countries. He has special interest and experience in the field of Infertility & Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART).

His research has been published in several leading conferences and journals in the field of Infertility & Assisted Reproductive Technology. For his paper on ovulation induction using letrozole in clomiphene resistant PCOS patients; he was awarded the ‘Young Gynaecologist Award (YGA)’ in 2009 by Asia Oceania Federation of Obstetrics & Gynaecology (AOFOG) at Auckland, Newzealand. He is one of the contributors of the book ‘Aromatase Inhibitors: Types, Mode of Action & Indications’ Published by Nova Science Publishers, New York, USA.

He received extensive hands on training on ‘Infertility & Assisted Reproductive Technology Laboratory’ at the Siriraj IVF, Mahidol University, Thailand in 2009. He graduated from Dhaka Medical College in 1998 and completed Fellowship in Obstetrics & Gynaecology (FCPS) in 2006. He worked as Assistant Professor, Consultant, Resident Surgeon, Registrar, Assistant Registrar and Indoor Medical Officer in different Medical Colleges in Bangladesh for more than 12 years.

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  1. joya says:

    I’v ovarian cyst.I’v done laproscopy 2004.&laprotory 2008.but I’v no pragnant. How can possible my pragnant.

  2. joya says:

    I’v overian cyst.I’v done laparoscopy2004&lapratory 2008.but I’v no pragnant.How can possible my pragnant?please answer me.

  3. mousumi says:

    ami apnar kache treatment nite chai….amr chocolet sist chilo dui ovarite…1999 a operation hoy…aj amr bier 9 year cholche….ami akhono ma hote parini…apni amr treatment korben please !!!!

  4. Farzana Jannat says:

    I m trying to conceive so can I take folison folic acid bp 5 mg….???

    • Nasir Rasel says:

      Hi.. dr I m a patient of asthenozoospermia …my motility 5% & non progressive 5%…now what can I do.. I m taking ovulet daily 2 tab..how I can start my next treatment??? naturally can I get a baby??? or I can go with IUI…method of IUI is it best way 4 me?? to get a baby soon..

    • drmarufivf says:

      No role, start taking it after u conceive

  5. Ayesha says:

    I’ve done every other tests except LAP. Do you do LAP test by yourself? I need an urgent appointment. My time is running away…. Which phone number I should call to get a faster appointment? Thanks.

  6. Nasir Rasel says:

    What’s the difference of IVF & IUI….How much cost hv IVF…. l need to prepared for the cost.. so plz tell me.. how much cost for method of IVF..??

  7. Abdullah Rafee says:

    Dear dr, we are married for 7 years. Still we are trying for an issue. We had been advised by dr Rasheda, mrinal, hafiz, shati Parveen fatema…… But we are still having patience. After long period of time, she got pregnant @ IUI at dr parveen’s clinic in May last year. But the pregnancy got lost at 8th week! She is hyper prolactine, on cabergoline for 7 years, and a case of PCOS , no period happens without medicine. She had undergone hysteroscopy and laparoscopy in June this year. Now we want to go for IVF under your guidance. Please suggest.

    • drmarufivf says:

      Dear Mr.Abdullah
      If she is a case of PCOS, induction and IUI should be enough to get her pregnant, If you want to fo for an IVF….no problem and contact me when you reach Dhaka and its better to use the fb page cause I check it almost everyday

  8. laila says:

    Dear sir.l married 5 years ago.ectopic pregnancy cut my right tube.than hsg done dilated tube and loculated intrapertoneal spillage.uterine cavity some filling defect. I have no baby.period and hormonal balance normal.pls advice me what can I do now.my husband semen also normal.6 months taken ovulate pill.10000 inj given doc 2 times .

  9. afifakhanam says:

    amar married life 16 month. biyer por theke ami
    baby sacchi. baby hossena.Feni ekjon dr. dekhalam.
    uni amake period er 2din theke 2ta kore 10ta oushad dilen.r 12 day te ekta injection diyesen.ekhon amar
    ki kora usit.

  10. Syeda says:

    As salamualaikum
    i have done all my test and the report is my left tube is block.Also my period has started irregular due to my age. I am 38 yr age women.Though i am under OBGYN.My doctor gave me OVA Vite for improving my condition.But,i am getting depression day by day and dont know the answer yet.If i come to you ,could you give me any other chances.I do not live in Bangladesh.Pls let me know.I could email you my medical reports.I do not have any baby.I am getting desperate to have baby.

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